This how I think this scene will go down:

Belle: Guys, I found out what Zelena wants based on the ingrediants she stole. She took David’s courage, she wants Regina’s heart, my guess is, she wants Rumple’s intelligence as well. Look here, in this book.

Emma: It’s written in Elvish.

Belle: Yeah. The whole spell is written there, along with the ingredients.

Emma: Wait, you understand this?

Belle: Uh, yeah.

Emma: When did you learn how to do that?

Belle: Yesterday.

Skin Deep: from script to screen.

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I’m curious - reblog if you hate Zelena

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Regardless of who you ship on Once Upon a Time..


 I think there is one thing we can all agree on when it comes to Zelena…



You. Better. Put. That. Back. Where. You. Found It.

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'It's Not Easy Being Green' - Promotional Photos


See below the cut! [Thanks to Far Far Away Site for the awesome photos! Go there now to get your HQ and unmarked stills.]

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To Neal


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If it ends up being a Rumbelle wedding I just want Hook to at one point say to Emma:

"If someone told me 300 years ago that one day I’d be drinking and celebrating at Rumpelstiltskin wedding I would have laughed at their face before making them walk the bloody plank."